Rule 8023


Rule 8023. Voluntary Dismissal

The clerk of the district court or BAP must dismiss an appeal if the parties file a signed dismissal agreement specifying how costs are to be paid and pay any fees that are due. An appeal may be dismissed on the appellant's motion on terms agreed to by the parties or fixed by the district court or BAP.

(Added Apr. 25, 2014, eff. Dec. 1, 2014.)

This rule is derived from former Rule 8001(c) and F.R.App.P. 42. The provision of the former rule regarding dismissal of appeals in the bankruptcy court prior to docketing of the appeal has been deleted. Now that docketing occurs promptly after a notice of appeal is filed, see Rules 8003(d) and 8004(c), an appeal likely will not be voluntarily dismissed before docketing.

The rule retains the provision of the former rule that the district or BAP clerk must dismiss an appeal upon the parties' agreement. District courts and BAPs continue to have discretion to dismiss an appeal on an appellant's motion. Nothing in the rule prohibits a district court or BAP from dismissing an appeal for other reasons authorized by law, such as the failure to prosecute an appeal.

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